Structural And Occupational Change Among The Kaibartas Of Garowalchungi Villages Of Jorhat District Of Assam


  • Dr. Ruma Deb Nath,
  • Rupjyoti Dutta


Occupation,, change,, intergenerational,, Structural change,, Occupational change,, Mobility and Kaibarta


Kaibarta is one of the scheduled caste community of Assam among the sixteen scheduled caste community. According to 2011 census report Kaibarta has taken second highest position. The present study emphasised basically on structural and occupational change in Kaibarta community. Structural changes means change in social institution such as clan, Kinship, lineage, family system and marriage and the occupation of the Kaibarta community. In this study occupation is mainly used to refer to the activities of the members of Kaibarta society to earn their livelihood. Occupational change emphasized on changes in the activities of the members of a society to earn their livelihood. The change is observed in terms of change in the distribution of these activities in the socio-economic structure of society. The present study has been under taken in Jorhat district, under Central Block, Chipahikhola from a village named Garowalchungi. From primary and secondary sources data will be collected for study and for data collection Simple Random Sampling and Purposive sampling methods is used.


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