Rights of Sex Workers in India: An Analytical Study


  • Amrita Malik


Human rights,, sex workers,, prostitution,, violation,, equality,, health,, decriminalize.


Human rights have always been a controversial issue in India when it comes to the rights of the sex workers. In India, the law relating to sex work is ambiguous, i.e. India neither criminalizes nor condemns it. Human rights advocates wellbeing with equal treatment of all persons. However the Indian government has failed to uphold the rights of women especially those of sex workers be it the civil or socio-economic rights, despite being a signatory to many legislations. The sex workers are stigmatized and are looked down upon by the society. They are often subjected to discrimination, abuse, rape and harassment which results in denial of their rights. The health, safety and equality of the sex workers under the law are some of the major concerns which should be looked into as a matter of their right. And further steps should be taken to decriminalize prostitution for the betterment and protection of the sex workers.


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