A Study of Employee Absenteeism in Banking Industry


  • Dr. Anshul Rajawat


Absenteeism,, Employee,, Employee Welfare.


Absenteeism is one of the most serious problems of a company. In today’s world every organization is facing this problem. Manufacturing sector as well as service sector is also involved in the problem of growing absenteeism. It is one of the major human problems of Indian industries. Absenteeism means the failure of a worker to report for work when he is scheduled to work which affects adversely both the employees and employers and give rise to many industrial, labour and social problems.

The study is based on employees of public and private sector banks. The major objective of the study is to understand the causes for the absenteeism in the banking industry among the employees. In this research paper, researcher has used both primary and secondary method of data collection. From the study, it is found that the poor salary, lack of freedom, welfare facilities, work load, unfavorable supervisor behavior, poor work environment, celebration of festivals, long working hours, unfair leave Policies, lack of transportation facilities etc. are the major causes for employee absenteeism. The researcher has used convenient sampling method. Finally the researcher has attempted to give some suggestions to reduce the absenteeism in the respective organization.


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