Contribution of Raja Ram Mohan Roy : Social & Political Concerns


  • Umeshkumar P. Shahare,
  • Dr. Vakil Taj. Sheikh


Reform,, Sati,, Social Transformation,, Nation builder,, Female education,, Bramho samaj.


Raja Ram Mohan Roy was an educational, a socialist and a religious reformer. He challenged and transformed Hindu culture on his own new thoughts. He is called as The father of Modern India, the maker of Modern India and also famously known as "Father of the Bengal Renaissance." His domain and fields include socio-religious works, public administration and politics. He was a philosopher, a thinker and a strategist. He advocated education especially Medicine, Science and Technology and English. He founded Brahmo Samaj and seriously advocated abolition of Sati. Through Brahmo Samaj, he wanted to expose the religious hypocrisies. He fought for the rights of women. He did not believe in Idol Worship and all those rituals which are superstitious and doesn’t have any scientific base or proof. The modern India now is the results of the contribution made by him through his hard work.


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