Factors Affecting Performance Appraisal in Public Sector Enterprises in India


  • Sushil Kumar
  • Sanghsaran


Human Resource Practice,, Recruitment,, Training and Development,, Grievance Procedure,, Central Public Enterprises.


This study evaluates the performance factors in Public Enterprises in India. The result described that the factors of the performance appraisal in Public Enterprises in India, it confirms the job security in PSUs. If performance doesn’t match with job role, next upgrading job is offered in PSUs due to job security given by various amended laws and regulations regarding jobs in Public Enterprises in India. Performance Appraisal is the systematic appraisal of employee’s and is a development for holistic development of the employee and the organization. This review study tells about Human Resource Practices in Central Enterprises in India and how they implement and work for employee’s performance.


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