Not Only His and hers, it’s time for ‘others’


  • Shalini Saxena


Struggle,, legal recognition,, Marital status,, Parenting Status.


This paper aims to upfront the voices of the unheard. The focus of this paper is to clarify the misconceptions about who transgender are, their struggle and their legal acceptance to be a dignified part of our closely knit Indian society. Transgender people suffer persistent inequalities in all aspects of life. It is high time that this neglected community with distinct needs is publically acknowledged as “the third gender” and are given a respectable position in the society having equal rights which are commensurate with those of men and women. Transgender have a long history of being discriminated and not being granted the basic status of a human being. As has been very aptly said by Justice K.S. Radhakrishnan , “Recognition of Transgender as a third gender is not a social or medical issue but a human rights issue.” This paper lays its focus on the recognition and acceptance of the transgender/Hijra as the third gender and what are their legal, marital and parenting rights. Social equality is the basis of human happiness and the Constitution of India affirms equality in all spheres. India, as a growing and continuously changing nation has taken a positive step towards incorporating the true essence of equality in the present society.


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