Selection Procedure for Quick Switching System with Repetitive Deferred Sampling Plan Through Relative Slopes


  • S. Jayalakshmi


Acceptable Quality Level,, Limiting Quality Level,, Quick Switching System,, Repetitive Deferred Sampling Plan,, Relative slopes.


Dodge has proposed a new sampling system, which consists of pairs of normal and tightened plans. Due to instantaneous switching between normal and tightened plan this system is referred as “Quick Switching system”. Romboski has studied QSS-1 (n, cN, cT) and (n, kn, c0) with single sampling plan as reference plans. This paper present selection of Quick switching system with Repetitive Deferred sampling plan as reference plan through relative slopes at various points on the OC- curve, which describes the degree of steepness about the OC – curve.


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