Portrayal of Woman Roles from Jhumpa Lahiri‟s „Interpreter of Maladies‟


  • Doppalapudi. Subba Rao,
  • Dr. Pravin Joshi


Abecedarian – rudimentary,, primarily Perceive – study,, observation Predominantly- Mainly


This paper is an abecedarian study of Lahiri’s description of women characters from her short story collection –“Interpreter of Maladies”. The core objective of this paper is to demonstrate how Lahiri’ depiction of female roles, by and large, deal
with Indians settled abroad negotiating between two cultures; with varying degrees of success, their attitudes, their concerns and their life styles set in Bengal and Boston. This paper is also a perceive about women roles of the nine stories which concern themselves predominantly with social preoccupations like cultural multiplicity, identity crisis, love marriage, breaking of marriage, extra marital affairs, old age etc.


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