Protecting Origins: Infringement and Remedial Measures in India’s Geographical Indications




Geographical Indications, Darjeeling GI, Basmati Rice GI, Bikaneri GI, Tirupati Laddu GI, Kancheepuram Saree GI, Alphonso Mango GI, Chanpagne GI, Feni GI, Pochampally Ikat, Kohlapuri Chappal, Phulkari GI, Parallel Imports


This study examines the legal environment, obstacles, and corrective actions related to Geographical Indications (GIs) protection in India. GIs are crucial for maintaining the provenance and image of goods, supporting consumer confidence, economic growth, and cultural legacy preservation. The study identifies difficulties in identifying, substantiating, and prosecuting GI infringement cases including problems with evidence, jurisdiction, and enforcement capability, and discusses various corrective actions used to stop GI infringement and discourage similar acts in the future, including as injunctions, damages, and criminal prosecution. The study offers insights into the efficacy of these corrective actions in preserving the integrity and reputation of goods connected to specific geographic origins by drawing on case studies and court rulings. In order to support sustainable growth and the preservation of geographical indications in India, the paper concludes with policy proposals for bolstering GI protection and improving enforcement.


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Basmati Rice Patent Dispute of 1997

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DOI: 10.53724/ambition/v8n4.09
Published: 28-02-2024

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Rachana Wadhera, & Dr. Raina Midha. (2024). Protecting Origins: Infringement and Remedial Measures in India’s Geographical Indications. Research Ambition an International Multidisciplinary E-Journal, 8(IV), 68–78.