Kamala Das: The Image Of Feminine Sensibility In Indian English Poetry





Feminist, Disposition, Infuriated, Sensibilities, Protest, Endearing


One of the most well-known feminists of the postcolonial era was Kamala Das. The poetry of Kamala Das is essentially feminist poetry. The focus of this poem is Kamala Das as a woman—as a wife, a mother, and a sexual companion for many men besides her husband. The poems in which Kamala Das describes the personality and disposition of her husband are those in which her feminine sensibility comes through most strongly and eloquently. One of her poems, The Old Playhouse, is infused with a feminine sensibility. Her husband's approach to making love to her infuriated her feminine sensibilities. Thus, only a strong woman would express her disgust at a husband who only wants to satisfy his lust. The feminine sensibility of Kamala Das forces her to characterize her husband in The Sunshine Cat as a self-centered, cowardly man who did not love her adequately. She claims that her husband had been treating her like a prisoner who had nothing except a yellow cat (or a ray of sunshine) for companionship. Her poems are distinctly feminine due to the common female themes and even the images and symbols she uses. Both the subject matter and the tone of her poetry are feminine. Indeed, in her poetry, she skilfully combines feisty female protest with endearing feminine feelings.


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Published: 30-08-2022

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