Feminist Sensibilities In The Post-Independence Indian English Fiction





Female-bonding, feminist, orthodox, society, women


The paper focuses on Feminism as a broad socio-political movement especially advocating women's welfare in society.  Deriving upon this philosophy many women writers, thinkers, and critics have formulated a school of thought that searches for such instances in the literature.  The main task of the feminist literary critics seems to stand guard against the curbing patriarchal norms which have been inhered perpetually. The marginalization of women, their predicament, struggle for identity, finding their own space, and celebration of the female body is the chief subjects of the trend.  The study of feminist theories begins in the 18th century and continues today. Feminist theories try to identify such biases and then negotiate them by sensitizing readers to their existence. 


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DOI: 10.53724/ambition/v7n1.04
Published: 30-05-2022

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