Keepers Registry and Research ambition an international multidisciplinary e-Journal  


About Keepers Registry The Keepers Registry acts as a global monitor on the archiving arrangements for digital journals and has three main purposes:

  • To enable librarians and policy makers to find out who is looking after which e-journal, how, and with what terms of access.
  • To highlight e-journals which are still “at risk of loss” and need to be archived.
  • To showcase the archiving organisations around the world, i.e. the Keepers, which provide the digital shelves for access to content over the long term.

The ISSN International Centre and its Governing Board value the Keepers Registry as part of the global identification infrastructure for serials. The ISSN International Centre has been a partner of the service since its inception. The Journal Research ambition an international multidisciplinary e-Journal  is available at the keepers directory which is self-explanatory. to verify title  click here.